Unlock Your Inner Energy

The Universe Consist of Opposing Cosmic energies-Yin & Yang,Male & Female,Light & Dark,Positive & Negative . The Balance of these Cosmic energies creates health,peace,harmony and prosperity.


Feel the heat


Rejuvenate and re-energies with a short escape to the steam room,where you will enjoy the benefit of detoxification,boosting your immune system and generally finding a warm relaxation feeling.

Relax and Unwind

Feel the soothing heat

Relax and unwind with the soothing heat of our sauna.While relieving the stress of day-to-day life,sauna use can help relax and reinvigorate muscles,soothe joint pain and flush harmful toxins out of your body.


    1. Rose-Oil Massage

    2. Lemon-Grass Oil (Aroma)

    3. Strawberry Body Polisher

    4. Sea-Salt Body Polisher

    5. Satin Skin Polisher

    6. De-Tanning Massage

    7. Cellulite Body Vibration Massage

    8. Velvet-Vatna (Peels off Dead Skin)

    9. Calming Aroma (Blends of Conforting Oil)

    10. Refreshing Aroma (Brightness Your Mind & Body)

    11. Ivigorating Aroma (An Energising Massage For Inner Energy & Fatigue)

    12. Traditional Johnson Baby Oil Massage

    13. Olive Oil Massage

    14. Almond Oil Massage

    15. Indulgene (Neck & Back)

    16. Arms Polishing

    17. Foot Massage

    18. Head Massage