Personal Training Program

We all have goals in mind when we join the gym. Working with a Personal Trainer improves your chance of achieving them.
Personal Training is quicker, safer and much more fun than working out by yourself. Our personal trainers are smart, friendly & great at motivating you to go that little bit further than you thought you could.And you can experiment with new techniques and new exercises you'd never thought of on your own.

Find out more about Personal Training and get more out of your membership than ever.

It's Faster…..
It's Safer…..
It's Effective…..

Making your goals happen

We will start with an in-depth assessment of your fitness and health then work out a tailored personal training plan.You will learn techniques for staying motivated and inspired,and your Personal Trainer will work with you ,cheering you on,keeping you up when you're feeling down and giving loads of advice on nutrition, diet and more.

Personal Trainers

A Personal Trainer can transform your workout. The motivation, advice and encouragement they provide is often the reason our members not only achieve, but exceed their goals.

Introducing a PT to your routine will help keep you motivated, as they will:

  • Show you new exercises, which will give you a varied workout that will challenge your body in different ways
  • Improve your technique, so that you get the most benefit from your efforts
  • Help with nutritional advice & lifestyle changes
  • Work with you on any medical conditions or injuries
  • Keep you focused & on-track to achieve your goals, whilst making it fun!
  • Boost your confidence, so that you enjoy your visits to the gym